The human population of Kölked has lived together with the storks for centuries. The settlement near the Hungarian Danube floodplain has always been a secure nesting and feeding place for the White Stork. At the end of winter, when the flowers begin to bloom, the storks return to Duna-Dráva National Park. Inhabiting the villages around the park, they are a common sight throughout spring and summer. In order to communicate how valuable these birds are to the inhabitants of Kölked, in terms of both nature and culture, a museum devoted solely to this majestic species has been established.

Guided museum tours offer insights into the life of the White Stork. Visitors learn interesting facts about their feeding, nesting and migration habits, and get to know the methods of stork-ringing. Depictions of the stork in literature and ethnography are also presented in the museum. Numerous outdoor and indoor activities, interactive tools and educational programmes enable a deeper understanding of the fascinating life of the White Stork in Duna-Dráva National Park.

The museum also offers bicycles to rent for other types of outdoor activities.

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White Stork Museum Kölked

Széchenyi str. 1, 7717 Kölked
Tel.: +36 69/384-208, 30/846-6020


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