As the second largest and best preserved wetland habitat on the European continent, the Danube Delta has received three important international designations: as Ramsar Site, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and inclusion in UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB). The Danube Delta and the Lower Prut have been declared protected areas and boast remarkably diverse flora and fauna. The region is of particular interest for birdwatchers, as it is where typical wetland avian species meet their counterparts from steppe landscapes. In addition to local native species, many migratory birds stop make a stop in the Danube Delta on their way to and from Central and Northern Europe. The best time for a visit to the Danube Delta and Lower Prut region is during bird migration in spring and autumn, when over 20,000 birds can be recorded. In fact, of the approximately 500 European bird species overall, an impressive 240 species inhabit the site for breeding, nesting, wintering or during migration.

The best way to explore the Danube Delta and the Lower Prut is by boat. Day trips on large modern ships or small private boats are recommended for visitors with only limited time. For more extensive tours, trips of 6-12 days on modern floating hotels towed along the river are ideal. Alternatively, private boats may be rented to design one’s own personal itinerary for exploring the Danube Delta.

The Danube Delta is an established and popular tourist destination thanks to the region’s unique character. A fascinating combination of natural beauty and wildlife, recreational opportunities such as fishing and beaches, and ethnic/cultural attractions that come alive in folk traditions, customs, architecture, and of course, cuisine.

There is an increasing number of accommodation facilities available, including hotels, bed & breakfasts, holiday villas, floating hotels and campsites. There are many ways to visit and experience the Danube Delta depending on the desired trip duration and individual visitor requirements.

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