Srebarna Packages

Here are some offers from Pelican Travel, departing from Srebarna Nature Reserve:

Half day tour of Srebarna 1-3 people €30 4/5 €40, 6/9 €50,10+ €60.
Full day tour of Srebarna and environs 1-3 €50, 4/5 €60, 6-9 €70, 10+ €100
Full day Rusenski Lom plus environs €70 – €150. Includes visit to Ivanovo Rock Monastery

Bird watching on lakes Kugurlui and Yalpug

Provides an excellent view over reedbeds, pools and grassy areas where a great diversity and number of birds can be easily seen (but please take care of the traffic), including breeding colonies of whiskered terns, common terns and black-necked grebes.

In addition, the banks are used by frogs, pond turtles, grass snakes and susliks. The small […]