Srebarna Nature Reserve

Srebarna Nature Reserve has been a protected area since the 1940’s. In 1975 it came under the Ramsar convention. It was declared a World Birding Biosphere Reserve in 1977. UNESCO granted the status of World Heritage Site in 1985. Srebarna is also an I.B.A.

Hundreds of species of Animals, Birds and Plants make Srebarna their home […]

Danube Delta Transboundary Biosphere Reserve

As the second largest and best preserved wetland habitat on the European continent, the Danube Delta has received three important international designations: as Ramsar Site, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and inclusion in UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB). The Danube Delta and the Lower Prut have been declared protected areas and boast remarkably diverse flora […]

Persin Island

Persin Island is the largest Bulgarian Danube Island and the most important area of the Belene Islands Complex. Its large number of bird species makes it a paradise for birdwatchers. The island encompasses three different Protected Areas: the marshes supported reserve, the Persin East Protected Area, and the Belene Protected area.

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Persina […]

Kaykusha Protected Area

The Kaykusha Protected Area contains the Kaykusha marsh, located along the southern border of Persina Nature Park. The marsh is home to many rare waterfowl and plants, making it a very interesting spot for birdwatching and ideal for short weekend excursions. There is a nature trail leading visitors to the edge of the Kaykusha marsh.

For […]

Kopacki rit

A visit to the Kopački rit Nature Park is an absolute must for bird lovers and ornithologists! The park is particularly known for its rich bird life, including the Ferruginous Duck, black storks, egrets, buzzards, Saker, and the largest number of nesting sites of the White-Tailed Eagle in this part of Europe. It also boasts […]

White Stork Museum

The human population of Kölked has lived together with the storks for centuries. The settlement near the Hungarian Danube floodplain has always been a secure nesting and feeding place for the White Stork. At the end of winter, when the flowers begin to bloom, the storks return to Duna-Dráva National Park. Inhabiting the villages around […]

Mala Vrbica Fish Farm, Kladovo

Mala Vrbica Fish Farm is located east of the town of Kladovo (65 km from the Donji Milanovac and 255 km from Belgrade). East of it, between the villages of Kostol and Mala Vrbica, there is the Mala Vrbica fish farm and Important Bird Area (the fish farm is not operational, hence the entrance is […]

Djerdap Gorge National Park

The Iron Gates National Park (in Serbian: Djerdap) ranges some 100 km in length along the right bank of the Danube (the left bank is in Romania), where the river varies in width from 5 km to only 150 m and the mountains rise up to 800 m a.s.l. About 70 per cent of the […]

NP Djerdap – Golubac

Djerdap National Park is not only an important area for breeding species, but also for migratory and wintering birds, and the town of Golubac is a gateway to the park – literally: once you pass the gate of the medieval fortress, you are inside the national park.

The Danube reaches five kilometres in width here, and […]

The Lagoon of the Karas – Labudovo okno NR

Protected as the special nature reserve Labudovo okno, this section of the Danube is unique in the whole of Serbia upon its wide shallows, before the river narrows downstream from the village of Ram.

Getting there: Some nine kilometres northeast from Dubovac (and about 1 km before the bridge over the DTD canal), a sandy track […]