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Djerdap Gorge National Park

The Iron Gates National Park (in Serbian: Djerdap) ranges some 100 km in length along the right bank of the Danube (the left bank is in Romania), where the river varies in width from 5 km to only 150 m and the mountains rise up to 800 m a.s.l. About 70 per cent of the […]

NP Djerdap – Golubac

Djerdap National Park is not only an important area for breeding species, but also for migratory and wintering birds, and the town of Golubac is a gateway to the park – literally: once you pass the gate of the medieval fortress, you are inside the national park.

The Danube reaches five kilometres in width here, and […]

The Lagoon of the Karas – Labudovo okno NR

Protected as the special nature reserve Labudovo okno, this section of the Danube is unique in the whole of Serbia upon its wide shallows, before the river narrows downstream from the village of Ram.

Getting there: Some nine kilometres northeast from Dubovac (and about 1 km before the bridge over the DTD canal), a sandy track […]

Dubovacki rit – Labudovo okno NR

Dubovac Wetland (Dubovacki rit) is a part of the special nature reserve Labudovo okno. It lies between the village of Dubovac and the Danube, is about a mile long and consists of open water, reedbeds and willow and poplar riparian forest, with adjoining planted junipers. Surrounding Danube shallows are a significant wintering area for waterbirds.

In […]

Hatarica pasture

Grazing-pasture Hatarica is the westernmost part of the Deliblato sands (Deliblatska pescara) and consists of grassland on rolling sand dunes, interspersed with bushes of hawthorn and planted junipers.

Characteristic birds of these dry and sunny areas are European Honey-buzzard, Long-legged Buzzard, Eurasian Hoopoe, European Turtle-Dove and Bee-eater; Lesser Grey and Red-backed Shrikes (in winter replaced by […]

Ada Huja

The Ada Huja Promenade is primarilly a winter gulling spot. In this section, the Danube is 1000 metres wide and without a scope you would be wasting time. In comparison to the Dorcol Promenade, number of both species and individuals here is smaller. Yet, this is the place for the flocks of gulls on the […]

Dorcolski kej

The Bank of Major Gavrilovic, usually called the Dorcol Promenade (Dorcolski kej), is possibly the best winter birding spot in the city. Majority of the duck rafts will be in the Danube alongside the Veliko Ratno Island, some 400 and more metres from the bank – spotting scope is recommended. The promenade is pedestrian-friendly, accessible […]

Bara Reva

The Reva Pond lies in the Belgrade suburb of Krnjaca. Habitats include open water, lilypads, reedbeds, indigenous willows and poplars at one, and the alien, hybrid black poplar plantation at the other side. A few hundred metres away, you may also climb the dyke and check the Danube backwaters, even walk along the dyke for […]

Veliko blato

Veliko Blato Lake is one of the last remaining ponds of once huge wetland area of Pancevacki rit, across the Danube from Belgrade. Habitats include mostly open water, mudbars and reedbeds. It is possible to walk around the main lake (about 6 km / 3 mi), but if your time is limited, you can go […]

Kozara – the Danube floodplain

This floodplain is the closest one to the Belgrade city centre, located on the left bank of the Danube opposite the Veliko Ratno Island. While most walking paths follow the edges of hybrid black poplar plantations, you will also encounter indigenous stands of oak and ash, willow and poplars. The wet meadows are mostly overgrown […]